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Bonez by: Mr. Roses 

Have you ever read a book that written like a song? 28 chapters, what could go wrong?
A story about some skaters, one wants to be the best. How he will act when he finally has it, that will be the true test.
It’s filled with friendship, and family, not to mention a few goons. There’s a chef, a photographer, and an artist who paints moons.
And of course there’s a wildcard always creating an interesting scene. The point of it all is to be genuine and to follow your dream.
Ages 8+

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SKIPP by: Mr. Roses

A story of an energetic boy who dreams of becoming a soccer player. He lives on a boat and goes to visit a town where his dreams may come true. Ages 6+

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PIP by: Mr. Roses

A story about a brave girl. She is the leader of a community of kids that live in the woods. She supports and defends her community in creative ways through different hardships. Please join us and give PIP some support as she takes on the mayor of the town Capri.  Ages 6+

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