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A New Rhythmic Author that Entertains, Teaches Life Lessons, and Hooks Readers who Typically Don't like to Read.


Mr. Roses

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Newest Release:

Bonez by: Mr. Roses

Have you ever read a book that written like a song?
28 chapters, what could go wrong?

A story about some skaters, one wants to be the best.
How he will act when he finally has it, that will be the true test.

It’s filled with friendship, and family, not to mention a few goons.
There’s a chef, a photographer, and an artist who paints moons.

And of course there’s a wildcard always creating an interesting scene.
The point of it all is to be genuine and to follow your dream.

Ages 8-12


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"This jovial mix of street lingo, slapstick humor, and metaphor create an inviting alternative to traditional methods of description and dialogue, inviting kids to partake of the flavor of action sparked by an attention to rhyme—albeit not presented in the usual verse structure. The result is a story that embraces with action, warms the heart with friendship encounters, and imparts the basics of better living through examples that are intriguing and filled with action."

Donovan's Literary Services

Praise & Reviews

"Mr. Roses strikes again!  The dilemma is deciding which to admire more, his unleased, absolutely spectacular imagination or his uniquely clever rhyming skills.  Via a masterful blending of the realistic and the poetic, the man is charming and captivating, dazzling and delightful, exciting and enlightening – ALL at the same time!"

Goldman Foundation

"The storyline offers a positive message to "always follow your heart" and remember that "each

day is new and always perfect for a fresh start." Life advice, also in rhyme, is highlighted

throughout. (“Just know that life’s a game and that there is always a test./ Stay true to yourself

and remember what’s important, that I humbly suggest.”) Bonus activities at book's end offer an

opportunity for further reader engagement."

BlueInk Review

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